Thanks for stopping by and welcome to The Daily Context. Our goal is to provide some historical context to contemporary events. We seek to explore the ways that politicians and activists are making appeals to history and help non-historians understand what’s going on in America today. We hope to offer insight into the historical roots of present day issues in an easily accessible format.

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Meet the Editors

Chris Bouton: I earned my PhD from the University of Delaware in May 2016. My dissertation investigated physical confrontations between slaves and whites in Antebellum Virginia. My general research interests include the history of American slavery, violence, and abolitionism. Outside of academia, I root for Boston sports teams and have interests in sabermetrics, cooking, and playing with my dog Mayday and bunny Hillary.

Erin Bartram: I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the History Department at the University of Hartford. I earned my PhD from the University of Connecticut in December 2015, with a dissertation on women who converted to Catholicism at the height of the 19th century anti-Catholic movement in America. I am currently working on a book on women and self-culture in 19th century America. I am also keenly interested in pedagogy, and write about it frequently over at my own blog. I drink tea, I sing alto, and I’m a proud Nutmegger.