Sometimes your blog editor has a headache for three days and Friday links don’t happen. Hopefully these two great long reads will make up for it!

There’s lots of discussion right now about voter ID laws, gerrymandering, felony exclusions, college student exclusions, and other methods of suppressing the vote. It’s important that we remember that the fight for voting rights in the 1960s wasn’t about getting the constitutional right for black men and women to vote – they had that – but about the creation of federal laws to stop state-level methods of preventing black men and women from exercising that right. William Sturkey’s excellent look at the role of local authorities and laws in suppressing the vote is important for anyone interested in the fight today.

of course he wants to vote

“Of course he wants to vote the Democratic ticket” – Harper’s Weekly, October 1876

And a reward for all you last minute tax filers and Tax March participants: Twitter’s favorite historian Kevin Kruse explores the tradition of presidents releasing their taxes.