In addition to the myth of “black Confederates,” one of the other myths of American slavery that circulates from time to time is that of “Irish slaves.” This article unpacks the myth, its roots, and why it continues to have such currency.

President Trump’s veneration of Andrew Jackson this week provoked outrage, but also raised the issue of how we commemorate presidents who were slaveowners, given that that title applies to most of the presidents we had for the first hundred years of the republic. Shaun King argued that no one who participated in the system should be honored. Nick Sacco argues that we should take a more nuanced view, offering up Ulysses Grant for our consideration.

As agencies like the EPA face cuts, everyone’s looking to the recent past to understand where it came from and what it has done, including The Daily Context and the Weather Channel, which highlighted some pre-EPA photos from the Documerica Project run by the National Archives.

The National Archives’ Tumblr “Today’s Document” also shared a great set of “evacuation day” photos from the FDR Library. If you don’t follow “Today’s Document,” you should.