This Friday, we’ve got a couple of great forums to share, as well as an article on a 1980s movement that’s very relevant at the moment.

The African American Intellectual History Society features several great posts in a forum titled “Remembering Malcolm” on the 52nd anniversary of his assassination. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the life and thought of Malcolm X, but haven’t known where to start, this forum is a great entry point. They also provide a list of further readings.

Over at Sports in American History, they’ve posted a series of pieces on the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali. Start here, with Andrew R. M. Smith’s overview.

Many people are concerned by the recent crackdown on undocumented immigrants and thinking about how they might get involved. You might also be hearing a lot about “sanctuary.” Over at Religion & Politics, Judith McDaniel gives us some history of the Sanctuary Movement in the 1980s, an interfaith movement organized in response to the crisis of Central American refugees fleeing to the U.S., as well as the longer history of people seeking “sanctuary” in churches and cities in 19th and 20th century America.